Choosing the Right Roofing Style For Your Orlando Residence

There are a lot of different roofing styles available for your home, and they all have different advantages. Before you decide on a roofing style for your home, you should consider the type of house you want. You can go with a traditional shingle roof, or choose a modern style. No matter what you decide, you’ll want to be sure to choose the right material for your home’s roof.

One popular roofing style in Florida is tile. These roofs match the Spanish architecture that’s very popular in this region. However, they may not be appropriate for a modern or contemporary home. Additionally, shingles that mimic wood aren’t a good match for modern or contemporary homes. Metal roofing is also becoming increasingly popular in Florida. It comes in a wide variety of attractive colors and can last for up to 60 years.

Another common style is the French Renaissance. This style first appeared in Paris, but quickly spread to the United States. This type of roof is a four-sided design with steeper lower slopes. It is popular for its unique shape, which allows for a lot of attic space. Depending on your preferences, this style is ideal for larger homes.

Another popular roofing style is the mansard. Also called a French roof, mansard roofs allow you to have a full attic. Its distinctive design is a combination of a gambrel roof and a hip roof. It varies in pitch from flat to steep and typically includes dormer windows. The downside to mansard roofs is that they can be very expensive to roof. A good way to get ideas for the right color and style is to inquire from some of the most reputable roofing company in Orlando.